Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Ted Kennedy wants to make your children gay!

At least that is what Beverly LaHaye of Concerned Women for America says in the latest mailing I received from that nutty group today.

For some reason, I am on the mailing list for Religious Right extremist groups like CWA. I think it is because I used to be a subscriber to National Review and they share their list of subscribers with right-wing groups.

Anyway, the objects of Ms. LaHaye’s vitriol are Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts and his sponsorship of a bill called the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, or ENDA. You see, if ENDA is passed into law, it will be the end of American civilization as we know it. Little school boys will be forced to perform fellatio on their male gay kindergarten teachers as a graduation requirement. Christian heterosexuals will be prohibited by law from getting married. Barney Frank will become President of the United States and Clay Aiken will be his First Lady. Your company will have to allow male employees to show up for work in makeup and a dress! (Yes, the previous sentence actually appears in CWA’s letter, the others I just made up.)

According to LaHaye, “ENDA is built start-to-finish on lies”. For example, LaHaye claims that there is no evidence that homosexuals are suffering from economic or employment discrimination in this country… unless of course you are a patriotic homosexual who wants to serve in the United States armed forces: And we all know that the economic prospects for gay Americans would dramatically improve if people like Beverly LaHaye were running this country.

LaHaye also trots out the tired old argument that gays cannot compare their struggle to the civil rights movements for women and African-Americans, because women are born women and blacks are born black, whereas gays choose to be gay. Uh, no Beverly, gays are born gay, biblical fundamentalist Christians choose to believe that a tribal god invented by some Bronze Age Hebrew priests some 2,500 years ago is really the Creator of the Universe, and that he gets really really angry when two men fool around in a cabin while on a fishing trip in Wyoming.

LaHaye warns that once ENDA is the law of the land, “even churches and religious organizations, such as Christian-owned bookstores, TV and radio stations, childcare centers and camps” will be forced to hire gays, pedophiles and all manner of perverts. Yeah right, a gay man who has to pay rent, phone and electric bills every month is going to actively seek to work at a Christian bookstore for seven bucks an hour out of sheer spite. Oh wait, I forgot, once ENDA is passed into law, all gays will be provided with free housing and medical care as well.

So hurry up and write to President Bush and your Congressional representatives to stop ENDA, or else the faggots will take over America!


Anonymous said...

pssst, your homophobia is showing

Stardust said...

anonymous - I hope you are being funny. If not, do you know what "satire" is?

Baconeater said...

The religious right and their stance against homosexuality is totally baseless when using logic. But who said Fundies use logic.

OT You should join up and get included in the ATheist Blogroll for more exposure.

Tommykey said...

I e-mailed CWA with a link to my posting. Maybe now they will take me off their mailing list!