Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some Really Cool Music

I just love Youtube! You can find almost anything there. I especially love being able to find videos for songs that were among my favorites years ago but which are rarely played on the radio nowadays.

The first video above, is for a song called "The Different Story" by Peter Schilling. I remember I heard it for the first time on WLIR during the summer of 1990 and absolutely loved it, but hardly ever heard it after that. I did not even know who sang it, except that it was a Peter something. And that is exactly how I found it on Youtube, by searching "Peter" and "Different Story".

The second video is for "I Can Feel The Beat" by Darude. I totally dig the synthesizers and the the beat.

Next up is "Never Let Me Down", one of my favorite songs by Depeche Mode.

Lastly, I found a video for another song that takes me back to the nights dancing with my friends at Malibu in Lido Beach, "Send Me An Angel" by Real Life. Unfortunately, the embedding was disabled, so I can only link to it.

So, crank up the volume and enjoy this collection.


Poodles said...

Thanks for those Tommy! They brought back memories of dancing at The Ritz and the Palladium with my friends.

The other day a satellite radio station played "Break away" by Big Pig. That was a fun relisten also.

Andrea said...

cool depeche mode song

Stardust said...

The car in the second video is the same color of GTO my son just bought while I was in the hospital. He brought it over for me to see yesterday....can't wait to take a ride in it or even drive it! Love the music choice...we have the same taste in music.