Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sorry Senator McCain, But I Must Respectfully Refuse

A few days ago in the mail I received an "Emergency Telegram" from John McCain asking me, in rather hysterical language, for an urgent donation to his presidential campaign.

McCain's appeal warns that "if [Obama wins and] Democrats also retain control of Congress, they would control the entire federal government and would be unstoppable." Yeah, and like you Republicans did such a bang up job during the six years you were running the show. And how exactly would the Democrats be "unstoppable"? Let's pretend that Obama wins the election next month and the Democrats retain control of their majorities in the House and the Senate. There's nothing to stop the American people from voting out the Democrats in the 2010 elections. That's exactly what happened in 1994. And it's not like Bill Clinton got much done when he had a Democratic majority in Congress during his first two years in office. He couldn't even get his wife's health care plan approved.

Well, I'm sorry Senator McCain, but I cannot support your campaign, and my reasons can best be summed up in two words: Sarah Palin. That you would pick as your running mate someone who is woefully unqualified and unprepared to lead this country in the unfortunate event that you would be unable to complete your term of office if elected makes me seriously question your judgment and your commitment to putting the country first. Good luck in your campaign Senator McCain, but you shall have neither my financial support nor my vote on Election Day.


Spanish Inquisitor said...

I've got two other words why I won't vote for McCain:

John McCain.

Tommykey said...

I printed a copy of this post and am mailing it to the McCain campaign in the postage paid envelope they were so kind to provide for me.

Spanish Inquisitor said...


tina FCD said...

I wonder how many other people chose not to vote for McCain BECAUSE of his choice of running mate? She seems to be a nutcase.