Friday, December 05, 2008

Is Bill Clinton Out of His Mind?

Former President Bill Clinton visited Malaysia recently. According to The Star Online, "Clinton has expressed admiration for Malaysians, saying that their ability to respect other people’s faiths should be emulated by all."

Apparently, Exercise in Futility is not on Clinton's reading list. If he had, he would have learned about the "respect" shown by Malaysian Muslim authorities towards Lina Joy and Revathi Massosai.

Or how does Clinton feel about the recent fatwa against "tomboys"?

While the "Tomboy" fatwa is not legally binding, it should not be surprising if self annointed gangs of brainwashed Muslim Malay youth start assaulting Malay women who are deemed to be in violation of the fatwa. Because that is what public pronouncements like that do, they contribute to a climate of intolerance and oppression that encourages and empowers fanatics.

Bill Clinton had a chance to speak out against this kind of religiously sanctioned bigotry and passed.

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小精灵 said...

(raise hand) one malysian-chinese here.

yup. vote for "malysia sucks"

government is corrupted here.
not taking care of us , taking bribe, allow ilegal ppl to get citizenship easily, dont take traffic problems seriously.

Did someone noticed a politician defensed our country that we didnt kill our nature environment?

its aint true. malaysia did not take care wild animals well. if they sick, they burried them. the economy alllowed to kill nature "legally" by the name of '1 malaysia'.