Monday, January 19, 2009

A Modern Art Masterpiece?

Last night when I walked into my daughter's room to read some bedtime stories to her and my son, they decided to play hide and seek with me and make me figure out where they were. Expecting that they were hiding in my daughter's closet, I opened the door and was greeted by the display above.

Turns out they had some free time on their hands over the weekend and created this elaborate display utilizing hangars from both of their closets. My wife tends to be anal retentive about such things and admonishes the kids for making a mess when they do things like this, but I couldn't help but be amused and admire their sense of creativity. When you consider some of the crap that passes for art nowadays, this isn't all that bad by comparison.


RedFerret said...

Thats quite impressive work. Better than half a cow in formaldehyde. Bet it took a while to properly dissasmble.


Andrea said...

Is your daughter's room painted pink? I'm jealous.

Christopher said...

RedFerret, you're right, I'll take this over just about anything by Damien Hirst any day. Okay, I'll admit that I at least understand the "theories" behind most of the garbage (and some of it literally is garbage) that passes for art these days, but I'll never understand why the work of, say, Tracy Enim commands such high prices. Seriously, if every filthy, unmade bed with a couple of used condoms in it were worth a million bucks all college students could drop out and retire.

And Tommy, if your wife does get upset about it, tell her the kids were (re)interpreting utilitarian objects into an aesthetic functionality and deconstructing the traditional modular space. Heck, slap a title on it like "Construction #27" and you can probably sell it for ten or twelve grand at the MOMA.

Tommykey said...

Bet it took a while to properly dissasmble.

You're assuming that we have disassembled it.

Tommykey said...

Andrea, her room is painted in two different shades of pink and one lavender.

PhillyChief said...


I read somewhere recently about an art rep who sold a gallery on some paintings by a new young artist. It turned out it was her 4 year old's work so hey, anything's possible.

Yashila said...

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