Friday, July 10, 2009

Why Does Jesus Need a Military Jet Flyover?

Plenty has already been written in the atheist blogosphere (like here, for example) about the Pentagon's recent decision to break with a 42 year tradition and refuse a request by the God and Country festival in Idaho for a flyover by military jets.

However, reading about it reminded me of this scene from the generally abysmal Star Trek V.


Homeless Diver said...

O'Reilly about lost his cool on this one. These same conservatives slammed the crap out of Pelosi and her usage of that expensive jet - which is obscenely excessive but legally allowed in exact wording. This is only a discretionary thing and just as expensive yet they support it, even in its vague legal status.

They could have hired my new unicorn-wife for a flyover and made it far more interesting... you missed the reception btw, we served alfalfa cakes and Night Train.

Sparrowhawk said...

O'Reilly has a cool to lose? Seriously, though, if them planes crash, it's gon' be on yall's atheists' heads! Yall's goin ta heylll!!!