Saturday, October 03, 2009

Weekend Funnies - The Best of Deadwood


I haven't seen a single episode of Deadwood yet, but a while back I stumbled on to this video on Youtube that someone put together which features a collection of profanities uttered by various characters on the show. I was laughing so hard I was practically in tears. If foul language doesn't bother you, then click on the video and enjoy!


Andrea said...

OT - hey Tommy, I have a new blog url

It's the same blog, I just had to change the address.
Hope you're well.

tina FCD said...

THAT was fucking funny ass shit!
No, I don't mind profanity, it's just words. :)

PhillyChief said...

Cock sucker was far and away the most used on that show. I really wanted to see it continue, but oh well.

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