Sunday, January 15, 2012

God's Quarterback Part 2

The picture above basically sums up what the New England Patriots did to Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos yesterday in an incredibly lopsided 45-10 win.  If it weren't for the one pass that Denver intercepted in Patriots territory putting them in good field position to score their one touchdown, the score likely would have ended up being 45-3.

In last month's post, God's Quarterback, I put forward what I call my Tim Tebow Challenge.  If Tebow could win three consecutive Super Bowls, one for each part of the Trinity, I would become a born again Christian.  Thanks to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots, the Denver Broncos won't be in the Super Bowl this year, thus earning me a one year reprieve.  If Tebow is ever going to notch three Super Bowl victories in a row, I'm good until at least February of 2015.

In an interesting irony, the Denver Broncos this season were 1-4 when Tebow took over as starting quarterback, and in Tebow's last five games, the Denver Broncos are 1-4.   A reversion to the mean, perhaps?

Still, because I strive to be fair-minded, I'm happy to give Tebow and the Broncos their due.  They achieved far more than their critics predicted.  During Tebow's time as their starting quarterback, the Broncos went from being in the basement to being in the playoffs.   As I wrote in my previous post on Tim Tebow, the part of me that wants to root for the underdog got a kick out of seeing Tebow defy his critics who said he couldn't cut it in the NFL.  I know a lot of his critics like to dismiss his winning streak, chalking it up to injuries on the opposing team, the other team playing not to lose in the 4th quarter, or just dumb luck, among other things.  While there is validity to these criticisms, ultimately, a win is a win is a win. 

On the other hand, what I cannot abide are the Tebow fans who accuse his critics of being motivated by Tebow's religiosity.  While clearly some are, as I've written before, this atheist couldn't give a shit about Tebow's ostentatious religiosity.  In fact, I love it, precisely because when he and the Broncos get their asses kicked by top tier teams, it shows how ridiculous Tebow's Bible thumper fans are to claim he is some kind of divine instrument when the Broncos win in overtime on a Matt Prater field goal.

I like to think I see Tim Tebow for what he really is, a mediocre quarterback given to public displays of Christian piety who is sometimes somewhat better than his critics give him credit for.

With Denver knocked out of the playoffs, thankfully we won't be hearing much about Tebowmania for the next 8 months until the 2012 season gets under way.  My prediction for Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos is that they won't have an awful season like this season's Indianapolis Colts, nor will they have any six game winning streaks like they managed this season.  Tebow will probably have a season like Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets had in 2011, he'll win a game or two, then lose a game or two, and so on until the end of the season.  Not exactly what one would expect or hope for if Tebow really was God's quarterback.

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