Monday, May 14, 2012

Do Right Wing Republicans Expect Gays to Commit Mass Suicide?

On the most recent episode of Bill Maher's Real Time, Maher asked, rhetorically as it turned out, what do Republicans expect gays to do, because they apparently don't want gays to have jobs, serve in the military, get married, or adopt children.

For some reason, it didn't occur to Maher to ask two of the guests on his panel who were conservative activists, Margaret Hoover and Grover Norquist, to answer the question.  Maher mentioned the flap over the hiring and abrupt departure of Mitt Romney's foreign policy adviser and openly gay Richard Grennell after Bible Thumpers like Bryan Fischer made a public stink about it.

And then we have James Lankford, Republican (of course!) representative from Oklahoma, who told ThinkProgress recently that it should be legal for an employer to fire an employee who is gay.  The irony in this is that if you look at Lankford's picture in the linked article, it looks like what you would expect to see in a phrase book dictionary next to the phrase "Queer as a three dollar bill."

I have an idea what Right Wing Christians would say to all this.   In short, the same thing that Stan in South Park told his gay dog Sparky, "Don't be gay!"

The thing is though, if you believe that being gay is a choice rather than an orientation that you are born with, then by the same token it should be okay to fire people based on their religious or political beliefs.  After all, those are choices too.

If gays are going to continue to insist on being, well, gay, then I guess the Right Wing strategy for dealing with them is to try to make their lives so miserable that they will just commit suicide, or, to paraphrase a phrase from Mitt Romney, they'll self-abort.

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Spanish Inquisitor said...

I think they are at the stage of their bigotry that racists were once slaves started gaining their freedom, when they formed the country of Liberia in Africa.

"Set up another country in Gaytopia and send them all to live there! They'll be happier among their own kind."