Sunday, August 03, 2014

The Baby Jesus Was Watching Over You

As I have mentioned before, Facebook is a gold mine of religious silliness for an atheist blogger.

Some months ago, a friend from high school shared on Facebook a traffic incident that she had experienced.  She was driving on a dark road somewhere out in eastern Suffolk County in inclement weather when the car ahead of her lost control, spun around, and narrowly avoided colliding with her.

One of her Facebook friends proclaimed in a comment to the post that "the Baby Jesus was watching over you."

I had to figuratively bite my tongue to keep myself from writing something sarcastic in response.

I wanted to write "The Baby Jesus?  How could the Baby Jesus watch over her?  Jesus was an adult when, according to the Gospels, he was crucified, died and rose from the dead.  Do you mean to tell me there is a part of Jesus that remains perpetually an infant to this very day?  Maybe the Trinity needs to be revised (would you call it a Quadrinity?)  to Father, Grown Son, Infant Son, and the Holy Spirit!"

I guess this is one function of my blog.  A place where I can vent about the things I can't write on Facebook in response to some of the nuttiness I encounter.


Jack Vance said...

What gets me is that we are socially conditioned to hold our tongues in these situations, but they feel perfectly free to share this sort of idiocy. How freeing it would be if we could overcome our reluctance and speak our minds just as they do!

Tommykey said...

Yes, it certainly would!

Anonymous said...

I think she modded the point. For drivers, it's always "baby Jesus". For reference, see YouTube clip of "baby Jesus Talladega nights". The use of the term is usually designed to be humorous.

Tommykey said...

Thanks Anonymous. I guess that is one possible explanation.