Saturday, August 16, 2008

Feelin' That Christian Love!

Last night, while surfing the Internet, I came across a Youtube segment from the short-lived Richard Pryor Show from the mid-1970's that I had dimly remembered from my childhood. From there, I clicked on another Richard Pryor video from the show wherein Richard makes a startling discovery about ancient Egypt.

After watching the segment, I read some of the comments that previous viewers posted in response to the video. One commenter, going by the name of nukecat (profile in the link), wrote "sorry to spoil all of your fun, but jews arent black and they are gods choosen (sic) people, not blacks."

I felt the need to spoil his fun, and informed him that "The Jews are not God's "chosen people" and the god of the Bible does not exist." To be honest, it was intended as a drive-by comment, and I wasn't looking to get into a debate.

Then, when I checked my e-mails a short while ago, I found that I got not one, but two responses from nukecat.

In a message received at 10:30 P.M. last night, nukecat responded with these insightful words:

sorry to say that your (sic) wrong
you dont know what the fuck your (sic) talking about

Apparently, that was not enough for him, because I received the next message from him at 10:42 P.M., in which he charitably informed me:

i hope you burn in hell asshole
its look intelligent ...but looks are deceiving
what miserable life you must lead without god

It never ceases to amuse me how some people assume that being an atheist means living a miserable life. To be honest, I am astonished at times about how good my life has turned out. It seems to me that if anyone has a miserable life, it must be nukecat. He doesn't bother to offer any factual information as to why he is right and I am wrong, and instead resorts to vulgarities and wishing me eternal suffering. If my life is miserable, then what does that make his?


Anonymous said...

maybe god should help "nukecat" with his spelling and grammar.

and just how narrow-minded and silly is it that he and others like him feel that having an imaginary friend makes their lives so fulfilled? So fulfilled that they spend their time leaving nasty hate-filled messages for perfect strangers.

godloving wankers!

tina FCD said...

I never understood that type of mentality.
I had asked a christian some questions about why is it that they believe in a god. All I got was a comment about how my son's wife was stupid for marrying an atheist and it was our fault that my husband was killed by two hit and run was our atheism...what dumbasses!
And said he hoped we burned in hell too. Damn, I'd rather burn in hell with all the happy atheists!

PhillyChief said...

There are two ways you can make your life appear better:
1) Make it better
2) Make another's worse

Cheap shit like this guy's comments are attempts at the latter, even if it's just in his own mind. If he thinks our lives suck, then that instantly makes his better. Generally, that's a lot easier than actually doing something to truly make your life better, and the religious are all about easy and simple.

John Evo said...

Was it the Sermon On The Mount where Jesus said something about "blessed are they that damn the unbeliever to an eternity of suffering, they shall be called the most beloved"? I forget...