Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ooops! I Totally Forgot!

Yeah, that's right. Shame on me. I totally forgot to participate in Earth Hour, wherein from 8:30 to 9:30 local time, participants turn off the power to all nonessential items in their home. To be honest, I meant to. But around 7:30 I had to go to my mom's to fill up her electronic pill dispenser for the following week, pay some of her bills, and take out the trash. Between all that and chatting with her for a short while, all thoughts of dimming lights had vacated my head. I had also neglected to tell my wife, who was home with the kids, so she had no inkling. Not that she would have cared anyway, as she knew nothing about it at all.

Oh well, there's always next year.

Kudos to those who did participate though. While it is just a purely symbolic gesture, its promoters have their heart in the right place. If you can do it, you do. If you can't, or, in my case, you forget, you don't.

What annoys me are these mostly right wing jerkoffs with the maturity of a seventh grader who see the event as an occasion to gleefully turn on ALL of the lights and appliances in their homes out of sheer spite. Way to go guys. I swear, some of these conservative dickheads seem to get such a thrill out of acting in a way to purposefully offend people they deride as liberals that I get the impression that they might even cut off their own penises if they thought it would offend a liberal. Well, I for one would be very offended if they did that, so I guess they had better start looking for some clean, sharp blades.


karat said...

I forgot too, but turning off the power is something I can do anytime I want. I'm a fan of this though.

Btw, Tommy, I'll be going to the UK in summer. Hoping to backpack across the other European countries if my budget allows it.

Tommy said...

Hey Karat!

Wonderful news. Have a great trip. Any Nine Inch Nails concerts on the itinerary? :-)

karat said...

Definitely! They're adding more and more European tour dates. The idea is to see them and travel. Thinking of catching them in Germany and Luxembourg.