Sunday, April 12, 2009

John Safran Gets Crucified in the Philippines

Uh oh! I decided to do some follow up reading on John Safran's crucifixion stunt in the Philippines this past Friday, and it looks like he has pissed off a lot of the locals.

DEVOUT Christian followers of Good Friday's crucifixion rituals in the rural Philippines village of Kapitangan were devastated to learn that John Safran's nailing to the cross alongside local penitents was a TV comedy show stunt.

Student Jhoan Caparas, 18, who saw Safran's crucifixion, said his actions had been disrespectful and immoral.

"Why does he want to come here and laugh at us? We don't laugh at his culture and his beliefs. So he should respect ours."

I'm sorry, but what the fuck is there to respect about having yourself nailed to a cross? What a bunch of backwards-ass supersitious weirdos!

Buboy Dionisio, nailed to the cross along with Safran, who was sporting a Monty Python-style wig, said he could not understand why the comedian and his producers had falsely claimed to be making a serious TV show.

The comedian and his crew - believed to be filming for an ABC TV series to be screened this year, John Safran's Race Relations - were threatened with deportation and forced to sign an affidavit pledging not to use footage mocking crucifixion rituals.

Kapitangan Village councillor Cleotilde Gaspar was shocked Safran was making a comedy show because he had "really been crucified with the nails going all the way through his hand".

"But if he is making fun of us and what we do that is very serious for us because for us it is not funny," she said.

Cleotilde Gaspar is right about one thing. What these religious fanatics are doing is not funny. It's sad and pathetic. Even if I were still a Catholic, I would still find what they do abhorrent. After all, isn't the whole point of the Crucifixion that Jesus is supposed to have suffered and died for us, rather than inspiring ersatz imitators?


Homeless Diver said...

"Why does he want to come here and laugh at us? We don't laugh at his culture and his beliefs. So he should respect ours."orly? When did they stop? As I recall, most of the tens of thousands of fil bloggers are in either Australia or the US... and very few have a nice word to say.

But,I'm honestly surprised he wasn't killed on the spot. They do that sort of stuff. Some people were out here flogging themselves bloody right before sunrise, in the dawn. Having been in Iraq when people do that, it kinda scared the shit outta me. Thats not devotion, that's fanaticism.

PhillyChief said...

um, boo-fucking-hoo. Everything is open to criticism, from the brilliant to the absurd.

tina FCD said...

You said it, PhillyChief!

I didn't hear about this, I think it's hilarious.

Jason Cordi IKM said...

Hmmmm well I admire John Safran. But no need to be racist guys. Just leave people alone, admire what they do and we'll all be happy.

Anonymous said...

Happy to leave them alone, but admire them? Sorry, don't think so. They can do whatever they like, but I'll save my admiration for behaviour I think is admirable.

Safran's a bloody classic. Can't believe how far that guy will go!