Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Atheist Alliance Convention - September 28-30, 2007

Atheist Alliance is hosting a convention this coming September in Crystal City, Virginia. According to the organization's web site, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens and other luminaries of the atheist movement will be in attendance.

I am giving serious consideration to attending, though if I do go, I will only be able to arrive Friday evening. It also depends on whether or not my wife can be off the entire weekend to watch the kids for me. Does anyone else here think they might be able to go?


Toni said...

All the cool stuff happens back east. We never get anything good in Utah...

Anonymous said...

I saw that. I'm not far from Washington either, but I don't know what goes on at a convention like that. I think I'd like to see an agenda first.

Good panels or discussions would be nice, maybe a talk from the biggies. Book signings too would be good. I might go to that, if I could get away.

Tommykey said...

Hi John,

If you click on the link, it tells you the discussion topics, book signings et cetera.

Poodles, don't all them Utah Mormons provide you with enough entertainment?

Toni said...

The polygamist women are my favorite entertainment.