Saturday, June 16, 2007

I Lost My Head Over Michelle Goldberg

Here's yours truly with Michelle Goldberg, author of "Kingdom Coming." Unfortunately, due to the fact that I am much taller than her, combined with the inept photography skills of the Barnes & Noble staff person, my head got cut off. There is another picture of the two of us, but Michelle's eyes are closed and I look so bad in it I am embarrassed to show it. At any rate, I got a good laugh from this picture. If any of my readers were fans of the short-lived comedy television series "Police Squad" with Leslie Nielsen, you might remember a minor but recurring character at the police station named Al who was so tall that you never see his head when he is on camera. Below is a clip of the ending of the first episode that shows Al.


Andrea said...

Too bad, looks like it would've been a cool pic. It's still cute as it is though. She looks great.

Thanks for posting these :D

Stardust said...

Like you were saying in an earlier post, the clerk should have stepped back to make sure she got you both (and your heads) in the viewfinder.

Yes, I do remember that character in "Police Squad"...too funny! My brothers are very tall, and so are my husband and sons (all 6'1" and taller...the tallest brother being about 6'5") and they end up slouching down to try to make sure their heads on in the photo since they tower over everyone else.(My daughter is much taller than all of her friends and has the same problem...she is 5'11") At 5'8", I feel like a dwarf sometimes, till I am with my best friend, Pam...who is 5'1".

Toni said...

That picture is hilarious. It really did make me think about the old police squad shows!!