Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh the Incompetence!

I just got back from picking up two rolls of film from CVS. One roll had the Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Michelle Goldberg pictures, the other consisted of family shots. Guess which roll the CVS photography tech screwed up and forgot to indicate that it should be put on disc?

The good news, the shot I attempted of Ayaan and me by my holding my camera up and taking the shot myself actually worked! Of the two shots of Michelle and I, she came out fairly well, but my head was cut off in one, whereas in the other her eyes are closed and I look terrible. Way to go Barnes & Noble staff girl in Park Slope!

To make matters worse, my son fell on the sidewalk on the walk home and scraped his knees really bad, so I can't even go back to CVS now (my wife is at work) to complain. CVS's photo department adopted a stupid policy of not allowing the customers to fill out their own orders. When I dropped the rolls off, I told the girl behind the counter what I wanted. She filled out the first form and I told her that I wanted one set of prints and a CD. She said "I got it," and indicated that she would fill out the second order form based on the information I had given her. If they had allowed me to fill out the order form, this mistake would not have happened.

So, because I work late on Friday nights, I probably won't be able to get to CVS until Saturday and hopefully they can find a way to scan the negatives onto a CD for me so I can post some of the pictures. Talk about an exercise in futility!


Andrea said...

Crap! Do you have a scanner?

Tommykey said...

No, but I think the CVS has one.

Stardust said...

It seems like incompetency is rampant.

I watch the person fill out ALL forms and I will not let them "do it later" for anything since our experience when we bought a used car last year. We asked them to transfer plates from our older car we weren't going to be driving anymore, to this new/used car. They said they would take care of it...but never did. We waited and waited for a new registration and so my husband called the car dealership and they forgot to send in the paperwork to the Secretary of State's office! So, he asked them if he should just take care if it himself, and give him the money back for the plate transfer fees. They said no, they assured him they would take care of it. Then we get a "new" registration in the mail with the OLD car still on it so we thought that the paperwork crossed since it was time to renew the plates on the car we no longer had. We waited for the new one to arrive, and since it is our daughter's car and she is out east now, we completely forgot about it till we visited her a couple weeks ago and saw she has expired car plate sticker. When we looked when we got home, we realized again that we never got the new registration and the plates never got transferred as we were reassured they would be. Now, that car dealership has gone out of business, so no one to yell at.

So, hubby goes to the Secretary of State's office with the title and old plate registration for the car we no longer have. He pays the late fees (they said it is our fault no matter if the dealer didn't do their job), and paid the regular fee besides (total $100)and they gave him a new registration and sticker. However...he didn't bother to look at the new registration, and he gave it to me to mail to our daughter for her to put on her car, and I lucky I read everything and saw that the registration was once again for the car we no longer have! GRRRRRR!

Now he has to go back, wait in line and explain it all over again. Hopefully our daughter doesn't get stopped in the meantime because she is driving a Neon with an Audi registration card. Then she would probaby be ticketed and given a large fine for using the wrong vehicle registration.

As Roseanne Rosannadanna used to say, "it's always something."