Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday Funnies - Fear of a Black Hat

One of my favorite comedies from the Nineties was Fear of a Black Hat, which was a hip-hop adaptation of the cult classic "This Is Spinal Tap", with a sociology student played by Kasi Lemmons interviewing and filming the members of a rap group called NWH, or Niggaz With Hats. The movie is a profanity laced but hysterically funny take on the hip hop world. And just as "Spinal Tap" had as one of its running gags the deaths of the band's drummers in bizarre accidents, the always white managers of NWH end up getting murdered. But as the NWH rappers insist, they were nowhere in the neighborhood "when that shit went down."

Following are four clips from the movie. The first clip features NWH and a rival rap group trying to give an inner-city elementary school class a talk about the evils of gang violence that does not end up going as planned. The second clip has the NWH rappers addressing accusations that their music promotes violence against white people. Third in the lineup is NWH member Tone-Def in a solo music imploring the world to see him for what he is, just another human being. The last clip is NWH front man Ice Cold trying to explain how PUSSY is just an "analagram" for political change.

If you like the clips, then I definitely recommend you rent "Fear of a Black Hat".

A Gangsta's Life Ain't Fun

Don't Shoot Until You See The Whites

"I'm Just A Human Being"

Come and Pet the PUSSY

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