Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Music Medley - Rockin' Ladies

While I am not done mining Eighties New Wave classics, I thought I would try a change of pace for the music medley and pay homage to some of my favorite songs with female lead singers. All but one of them is of rather recent vintage. Enjoy!

Evanescence - "Call Me When You're Sober". You can't go wrong with Amy Lee!

No Doubt - "Hella Good". My favorite song from No Doubt.

Dionne Farris - "I Know". This is the oldest song in the bunch, getting lots of airplay in the mid-Nineties before sinking into obscurity. It is still one of my favorites from that time period, cool guitars and great vocals.

Kelly Clarkson - "Walk Away". The first American Idol winner has some catchy pop rock tunes. I think this one is her best.

Marion Raven - "Heads Will Roll". This one is a revelation. I had never heard of Marion Raven until this song played on my Yahoo Launchcast station. I gave it several stars so that it gets frequent repeats.


bullet said...

I second your selection of "Hella Good". i hate what Gwen Stefani has done lately.

One of my favorite hypotheses is that American women who marry Brits lose their minds shortly thereafter. I cite Gwen Stefani, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow as examples.

Evolved Rationalist said...

Amy Lee is the best!

Anonymous said...


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