Saturday, March 08, 2008

Pet Peeve of the Day - March 8, 2008

Wind. Really strong wind. A whole section of my vinyl siding on one side of my house has gotten ripped off by the high intensity winds we have been experiencing here on Long Island in the last several days. Last year the siding got torn off in the same section. I nailed it back on and it held up until a few days ago.

I am planning to have new siding put on my house this spring, along with some other exterior work, and possibly converting our garage into another room in our house. I have made appointments for several contractors to come over and provide us with cost estimates. So, even though a whole section of my vinyl siding has been ripped away by the wind, there is really nothing I will be able to do about it for the time being.


tina FCD said...

If you lived in my neighborhood, your house would fit right in, with the siding gone. :(

Tommy said...

And I'm really looking forward to cleaning up everything in my yard this afternoon!

tina FCD said...

Yeah, speaking of yards. The code compliance guy came by and told us we need to move two pieces of wood leaning on our fence...go figure.