Thursday, March 13, 2008

Richard Dawkins in New York

To anyone in the NYC area who is interested, Richard Dawkins will be making an appearance in New York City this Saturday evening at the Center for Ethical Culture at 7 P.M. Click on the link for more information.

I was contemplating attending the event, but I suspect he is not going to say anything I haven't heard him say before. I had seen him in person last November at a conference put on by the Center for Inquiry. However, if you haven't seen Dawkins live or if you want to get him to autograph your copy of The God Delusion, then you will probably not want to miss his talk this Saturday night.


tina FCD said...

Damn gas prices! I live in Michigan, I hope he will come here one day, I would definitely go.

That's A Great Question said...

Save your money! It's just another bitter smug British fellow spewing all his rants on why he doesn't like the Christian God. For example:
"Religious beliefs are dumb and dumber: super dumb. Religion drives otherwise sensible people into celibate monasteries, or crashing into New York skyscrapers. Religion motivates people to whip their own backs, to set fire to themselves or their daughters, to denounce their own grandmothers as witches, or, in less extreme cases, simply to stand or kneel, week after week, through ceremonies of stupefying boredom."
—Richard Dawkins, Author of "The God Delusion".

Professor Dawkins does nothing but rant his philosophical worldview in this statement about religion. There is nothing scientific about it, including so much more in the book. Don't get me wrong, he's free to assert his fallacious opinion on anything he wants about religion. But how is Dr. Dawkin's statement above scientifically relevant? What's with the 5th grade sandbox tactics of "I know you are but what I'm I?"

This use of name calling by Dr. Dawkins like "dumb and dumber, super dumb" and implying the painstaking acts of standing, kneeling, week after week through the ceremonies of religion, what does that matter to him? How is it at all relevant that Dr. Dawkins does not like religion or God for that matter? Maybe I guess I should interpret "The God Delusion" as " I don't like God so there." But that would be intellectually childish.
"The God Delusion" has all the charm of a gas station bathroom.


tina FCD said...

In my opinion, Dawkins has enabled the non-believers to step forward and proclaim their atheism. Atheists shouldn't be afraid to say they don't believe in a god. Atheists receive death threats for just saying that they ARE atheist. Why should a believer care what Dawkins says anyway?

Mercurious said...

I'm a Richard Dawkins fan, largely because he manages to hold a place for spiritual pursuit even while debunking religious nonesense.

"Steve" hasn't really read the book carefully, I think. There is much about it that is extremely poignant and spiritual.

Tommy said...

Steve, it sounds to me like you need to schedule a session with an escort!


Stardust said...

"Steve" hasn't really read the book carefully, I think. There is much about it that is extremely poignant and spiritual.

It seems that Steve may have not even read the book at all.