Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Great Moments in Geekdom

If you are a hopeless female Star Trek fan, perhaps you might consider entering yourself in the Ninth Annual Miss Klingon Beauty Pageant being held next month at the DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia. I only just became aware of this event yesterday when I read a blurb about it in the current issue of Discover magazine.

Reading about this ridiculous contest, I could not help but think of this:

I was not able to find the entire clip on Youtube, but this excerpt captures the gist of it.

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Ameretat said...

Sir, I came across your comment and just thought I would comment on it. I am a hopeless female "Star Trek" fan. The show over the years gave me and my father something to connect with. Being a girl, being interested in the 70's in anything science like was just strange. Girls weren't suppose to be smart enough for it an as a black girl to even consider something tech like was something out of reach. I am a geek because of the character "Uhura" showing me that a black woman could be a command bridge and an important part of a team. Not the maid, or the nurse, or kick a** bad a** hottie/thug like woman which is something that was presented to me over the years of TV. She was smart. She was considered for the most part accepted by men. It inspired me and it gave me time to spend with my father who could not share his desire to watch "Star Trek" with my mother or sister. It opened the door to dream and reach for things that I may have never considered. And yes, I am also a contestant in the pageant for the fun and honor of it. I am no different than the football/basketball/soccer/wrestling get a life fan. I don on my favorite "team" color and I will be wildly cheering them on.