Friday, August 24, 2007

UPDATED: More Proof That Gay Marriage Is Hurting America

As reported by the Associated Press, the husband of evangelist and gospel singer Juanita Bynum (the link is to her MySpace page) turned himself in to face charges that he beat her outside a hotel. Bynum's husband, Thomas W. Weeks III, is also a minister. Newsday has more details about the assault here.

Let's be honest about what is really going on here. The reason why Weeks assaulted his wife was simply because he was angry and frustrated about the issue of gay marriage and America's growing tolerance for homosexual perversion. It is just one more stark example of the threat that homosexuals and gay marriage poses to traditional marriage in America. With your prayers, Juanita Bynum's marriage can be healed and the scourge of homosexuality will be erased from our great nation.

Ebonmuse at Daylight Atheism has a post about Thomas Weeks here. Predictably, Weeks blames Satan and not his own personal flaws for the assault. Judging by the supportive comments posted on the comments forum to the Newsday articles I link to, and those of a friend of Pentecostal church-goer Santhosh Paul, the Indian-American man who tried to hire someone to kill his own wife, Pentecostals seem prone to blaming the devil for everything that goes wrong in their lives.


Baconeater said...

Gay marriage is the new Jews.

Poodles said...

I am terrified. If we allow gay marriage I really don't want to have to find a wife. The thought of sex with another woman grosses me out. What will I do?

Anonymous said...

Good post.