Sunday, December 16, 2007

I've Been Tagged - Seven Weird and Random Things About Me

Only seven?

Brian, who lives in the Arctic tundra of Canada*, and has polar bears and caribou as his neighbors, has tagged me on his Primordial Blog with the latest meme currently making the rounds of the atheist blogosphere. I am happy to oblige. I have to confess though that I am too lazy to look around to see who else I know hasn't already been tagged.

Anyway, here goes:

1. Whenever I see an uncapped pen or marker, I feel compelled to put the cap back on. As a spoof of myself, I thought it would be funny if a character in a movie or television show was in a race against time to save a friend or loved one's life, but he then comes across a room filled with uncapped pens, and he has to resist the impulse to stop and put the caps on.

2. Even though I am an atheist and do not believe in the supernatural, I sometimes have this feeling that some kind of force protects me from serious harm. Of course, I am not willing to go so far as to jump from the roof of a really tall building to put this "force" to the test.

3. If I had to choose another name for this blog, it would be Uncontrollable Flatulence.

4. I procrastinate about doing various tasks around the house, but when I finally get around to doing them, more often than not the task is completed quickly and easily, and I ask myself why I waited so long.

5. I have high cholesterol, but can't stop myself from eating foods I like with melted cheese on them.

6. The previous owners of the house I currently live in were Jewish, and I still have their mezuzah on my doorway. Even though I am an atheist, I feel as if the mezuzah is part of the house's history, so I am inclined to let it stay there.

7. I believe Michael Corleone should not have had his brother Fredo killed at the end of "The Godfather Part 2". I got the sense that Fredo was a broken man by then and he would have been perfectly content to spend the rest of his days being the kindly uncle and fishing companion to Michael's son Anthony.

* Yeah, I exaggerate a little. I know Brian does live way up there and he recently had to navigate his way through a herd of caribou on the road one night. Anyway, he has a very good blog and I recommend it to those of my readers who haven't yet. Stop by and say hello to Brian!

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Anonymous said...

Suspicion confirmed... you are pretty weird. I'm the opposite with pens, I immediately throw out the cap because I hate having it perched on the back end when I'm trying to write. It would be war if we ever meet in real life.

BTW our area is considered sub-artic. We're about six hours drive south of the tree line and the open tundra. We do have permafrost, but sadly no polar bears.