Sunday, March 23, 2008

Updated: Surely This Be Blasphemy!

Due to objections raised, the video showing some crucifixion scenes from "The Passion" set to the Benny Hill theme has been removed.


vjack said...

Outstanding! I am sure your Christian readers will love that one too.

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the Benny Hill theme -- that's appropriate to Christian delusions -- but I found the prurient violence awful. I can only imagine that Gibson hoped that it would inspire sympathy for The Man Who Never Was and warm the cockles of He Suffered for *ME* hearts. The first exploits reverse scapegoatism, and the second is pure selfishness.

Poodles said...

I was laughing so hard I have tears running down my face. Is that wrong?

tina FCD said...

I thought it was pretty hilarious with the sound effects!

The Geezers said...

In very bad taste, I'm afraid. To post this makes you look pretty mean-spirited, which is contrary to the goal, it seems to me.

I have no problem with poking fun at Christian absurdity. But this is a depiction of human suffering, so I cannot see what purpose is served by this.

Would you show clips of the Nazi death camps, set to the tune of the Warner Brothers cartoon theme?

Tommykey said...

I am sorry you find it offensive Mercurious.

So far it is 4 to 1 in favor of finding it funny among the commenters here.

No, I would not show scenes of the Holocaust set to Warner Brothers music. The Holocaust is a real and documented atrocity that happened within the lifetimes of many people still alive today, not to mention family members who have relatives who are Holocaust survivors.

If anything, the person who made the video is poking fun of Mel Gibson's over the top depiction of brutality and bloodshed, as Arcanum pointed out above.

Nevertheless, since Easter is over, I will remove the video. Happy now?

bullet said...

Shit, I missed it! Can you give us a link, at least?

I actually caught The Passion on cable a while ago. I couldn't stop laughing. Everyone was so earnest. It was wholly unbelievable melodrama with no substance at all. I don't know how Gibson got those relatively good actors to do such a horrible job.

Tommykey said...

Hey Bullet!

If you really want to see it, just go to YouTube and search "The Passion Benny Hill", and it should come up.

tina FCD said...

Why should you have to remove it? I seen some other funny vids linked in that one. If someone clicked on the video and seen it was offensive to them, click the stop button. I have went to video's of abused people and animals and could not watch them so I hit the stop button, it's easy.
Sorry you had to take it off your blog Tommy.