Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Blogging Hiatus

As mentioned in my post below, my family and I will be flying to Chicago later this week to attend the wedding of one of my wife's relatives. Plus, my son will be the ring bearer. Blogging to resume Sunday, unless of course Allah answers the prayers of his flock and causes my plane to crash. Enjoy the rest of your week everybody.


Stardust said...

tommy, hope you enjoy your time in my neck of the woods! :-D It's an awesome town and weather the next few days is supposed to be nice for a wedding. :-D Have a safe trip.

bedrocktruth said...

Have a good trip Tommy.

Church wedding ?...:+)

tina FCD said...


Tommykey said...

Yes, it is a church wedding.

I will manage to get through it somehow!