Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy 2008!

Best wishes for peace, happiness and prosperity in the new year to all!

Due to time constraints, I have not been able to post anything new in the last few days. I friend of mine from Indonesia is staying with us for a few days before she starts school in New Hampshire. She is a Christian and ethnic Chinese from a majority Muslim country. (Little known facts - Indonesia is the most populous Muslim country, as well as the number four country in the world in population, after China, India, and the United States).

I will see if she won't mind an interview to provide readers of Exercise in Futility with a perspective on what it is like being a non-Muslim in a Muslim majority country.


Anonymous said...

Or a Christian in an atheist household?

Sorry Tommy; just couldn't pass that one up :+)

Andrea said...

Tommy has mentioned before that his wife is not an atheist.