Sunday, June 01, 2008

In Memory of Rand Abdel-Qader and Leila Hussein

I'm still in a state of shock over this. I like to use music to convey my feelings and emotions, and picked a couple of songs that fit my mood right now. While the videos for the songs below are not in any way relevant to the situation, the music and vocals are very suitable for this solemn occasion.

The first song, "Gortoz A Ran - J'Attends," is from the soundtrack of the movie Black Hawk Down and can be heard during the film's closing credits. The vocals are by Danez Prigent and Lisa Gerrard. The second song is "Why?" by Enigma.

It would be great if someone could put together a video to one of these songs that showed pictures of the victims of honor killings. They deserve to be remembered and at the very least their deaths should serve as an inspiration to putting a stop to this shit.


tina FCD said...

I'm almost positive someone did, in fact I think I posted a video I found on youtube on my other blog.

tina FCD said...

I really like Enigma, I get video's from an online friend from Singapore to watch.

Dale said...

It's unspeakable. It's the kind of newspaper story I can't bear to read but I also can't stop because we have to know. Thanks for making the effort to get a handle on the emotions of it.

Chris mankey said...

I want to find the father and kill him and fuck his corpse! Death to islam!!