Monday, June 16, 2008

The Red Cross Needs Your Help

The Red Cross has issued an appeal for donations to help it provide necessary services to our fellow Americans who have lost so much from the devastating floods that have hit the Midwest. See this article from CNN to get a sense of how serious this situation is.

Because of a shortfall in donations, the Red Cross is in the unenviable position right now of having to borrow funds in order to meet the needs of so many. The online donation page is here. I urge you all to give what you can and give America a demonstration of the generosity of the atheist and humanist community!


Bad said...

Having a national tabloid journalism star like Bill O'Reilly go after you for your fund-raising practices can't have helped them much over the past few years. And people like these flood victims are the ones who get hurt, all to help massage his ego.

Tommykey said...

Yeah, and I have to work in the same building as that asshole!