Saturday, June 07, 2008

Some Changes to Exercise in Futility

I have recently added some new blogrolls and links to my sidebar. The largest by far is a roll of links to English language news publications from countries around the world (International Media), including a number of Islamic countries. I have also added a blogroll titled Policy and Global Issues that has some interesting educational sites such as The Brookings Insitute and Stratfor. The Human Rights/Human Trafficking roll has some additional links added to it as well.

Besides being a forum to express my thoughts and opinions, I also envision my blog as a portal for accessing sites to educate myself and broaden my perspective, and I hope that regular readers and occasional visitors to my blog will benefit from this as well. And of course, if any of you have any interesting or useful sites to recommend, please feel free to do so. For my International Media roll, I would especially like to add links to English language publications from Latin America and continental Europe, preferably those that do not require a paid subscription. For example, I wanted to add the South China News Daily from Hong Kong and the Straits Times from Singapore, but one must have paid subscriptions in order to access full articles on their sites.

Future blogrolls I plan to add will include Muslim reform organizations and worthwhile Long Island charities.

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