Monday, July 09, 2007

Horned Seastar

I took this picture of a horned seastar while snorkeling off of Pamilacan Island, one of the small satellite islands off of Bohol. This was my best underwater photograph, as the current was very strong and it was very difficult to hover over anything of interest long enough to get a good shot.
Though I was not able to arrange for open water dives for completing my PADI Open Water Diver certification, I was able to take an introductory scuba dive at the Bohol Beach Club resort, where we stayed for two nights. It was my first time diving in open waters and it was a very interesting experience. It is a little scary at first when the surface underneath you suddenly takes a steep vertical drop that extends beyond your line of sight. I was able to behold a diverse array of colorful species of fish and some fascinating coral formations. It was not possible to take pictures, because the Aquapack I bought for taking underwater pictures was only designed for depths no greater than ten or fifteen feet, and on my dive I descended as deep as 60 feet.

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