Thursday, July 19, 2007

When Fatimites Call

Long time readers of this blog will be familiar with past posts I have done about an organization called America Needs Fatima.

In recent months, I have received several solicitations in the mail from them. I mailed back one of their solicitation forms with a handwritten message telling them to take me off their mailing list and that they were a bunch of weirdos.

Now these deluded folks are calling my house and leaving recorded messages. The messages informed me that America Needs Fatima is looking to hold 1,000 public square rosary sessions across the United States on October 17, 2007 in celebration of the 90th anniversary of the "Miracle of the Sun". Due to the organization's limited manpower and resources, the message from the group's head, Robert Ritchie, asks if I would be interested in helping to organize a Rosary Prayer group in my neighborhood for the event.

Perhaps as a result of being the youngest of three brothers, I have a smart ass streak in me. I briefly considered calling America Needs Fatima and telling them I would be happy to assist them... and then do absolutely nothing. But I just don't have it in my heart to be that mean.

Instead, after listening to the second message they left on my answering machine this week, I called the organization's phone number and left a message for them telling them I did not support them and to stop calling my number. Hopefully these blockheads will finally get the message, but something tells me I have not heard the last from them.


Fiery said...

Send them a copy of your April Fool's Day fatima challenge answered.

That'll shut 'em up!

And if you've still got it, put it back on! It was HILARIOUS!!!!!

tina FCD said...

That's funny, I had jehovah witnesses stop here but I was busy and asked them to come back, they never did.

Anonymous said...

jehovah witnesses won't come boack for one house. they are on to more neighbor hoods. it may take sometime depending on where you live becuase they usually have repeat cycles.

Tommykey said...

Hi Mark, thanks for stopping by.

Fiery, I'm afraid it's lost for all eternity.

Tina, I usually tell them I'm a born again atheist and they lose interest.

Fiery said...

*sigh* that's a shame tommy, a real shame. I should have googled it the moment I noticed it was missing. :-/