Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh Boy Did I Rile Somebody

The last few days I have been participating in online forums on the Topix web site, mostly for articles that appeared in my local paper, Newsday. Some of the topics have been religious based and others are for totally different issues.

I saw a link for a Topix forum about this article about a dog that saved a small child from being bitten by a snake. I clicked on the link for the discussion about the article, and as I pretty much expected, someone posted a comment proclaiming "Praise God for little dogs that are really a childs best friend. God put that little dog in the right place at the reght time" [Spelling errors left uncorrected].

Me, being who I am, couldn't help but respond to that. My response appears here. I wrote that the comment was dopey and linked to an article about a three year old boy who was mauled to death by several dogs and asked "Where was god?" When I checked back a short while later, I saw that I generated a hostile response from a poster by the name of Trin Trigula, who has taken a liking to calling me a dork, and telling me that my question was stupid. I just posted another response educating this Trin Trigula about the concept of confirmation bias and asking why it should be off limits to question when some people always praise God for when little children are saved from death but why God is not blamed for when innocent children are killed.


Fiery said...

Well Tommy, I couldn't resist jumping in the fray on that one.


Wonder if there will be a response to mine as well as yours.

Sirkowski said...

I left a post and thanked Satan.

Stardust said...

"Praise God for little dogs that are really a childs best friend. God put that little dog in the right place at the reght time"

Statements like that are ridiculous. Ever been around a Pomeranian? Some of the little dogs I have been around have been pretty vicious!

Chances are that the dog in the story would have attacked the snake even if no one was around. It's just their personality. I know my parents' dog would attack anything that crawled or slithered onto their property. She attacks her own shadow. It's instinctive for her.

However, the little dog we had for several years when we were first married would run like the wind AWAY from any kind dangerous creatures even if our kids were outside with him. He was such a coward!

Stardust said...

tommy, I checked out the comment thread and see that some of them use the same old lead away from the hard questions with "why can't you just be happy about THIS story and that the dog saved this child". The whole "Satan made evil" argument is so juvenile. If you asked where did Satan come from, they would just ignore you some more.

Tommykey said...

Thanks for the support Fiery.

Your remarks ought to get some interesting replies Sirk. I see I really touched a nerve with some people. It's interesting how so many of the commenters have such a vested interest in maintaining that "Gawd" sent the dog to save the boy.

I'm through posting on that topic thread though, otherwise I will spend too much time arguing with people all night.

Good to see you back Star!

tina FCD said...

Yeah...I blogged it but didn't realize god had anything to do with it....gheesh!(eyes rolling)