Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Muslim Woman at the Beach Club

A Muslim woman staying at a beachside resort is sort of like drinking non-alcoholic beer. What's the point of it?

While my family and I were staying a couple of days at the Bohol Beach Club on Panglao Island in the Philippines, there was also a Muslim family there consisting of the parents and a young boy. Despite the fact that the location was a resort with a beach a short walk from the rooms and several pools, and the temperature was easily in the upper nineties, the Muslim wife walked around wearing a head scarf and baggy clothing, while the husband wore shorts and a t-shirt. Would it really be such a tragedy to let the lady loosen up a bit and wear a swim suit, take a dip in the ocean or relax in the pool a bit? Besides, it was not like she was attractive enough to have any guys leering at her if she wore a swim suit anyway.

My daughter caused us a bit of discomfort while we were in the pool. The Muslim family was walking alongside the pool and my daughter said, "That woman looks funny Daddy." I had to explain to her as best as I could that the woman believes there is an invisible man in the sky who wants her to dress that way. At the same time, maybe ridicule from children is exactly what these people need to hear to realize how absurd they are.

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