Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Dumbest Argument Against Atheism Ever

The hat tip to this is a commenter named Pyre @ #9 in the comments for this post at Pharyngula.

Pyre linked to this op-ed in The Jakarta Post by someone named Evi Mariani. Mariani complains that atheism apparently takes all the fun out of life. Life is more entertaining if you believe in ghosts and superstitions. Also, atheism is expensive, because if you cannot afford doctors and hospitals to treat illnesses, then you cannot seek help from witch doctors if you do not believe in their ability to cure you.

The one thing that ran true for me in the article was the author's exchanges with the atheist Australian. I had the same conversation with my Indonesian friend. She was telling me about all of the superstitions and stories she heard about people dying from magic spells and other such things. I told her that such things could not really be true and that there had to be rational explanations for the things she described to me.

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