Friday, February 01, 2008

E-Waste Disposal in the Town of Oyster Bay

Several weeks ago I did a post about the problems associated with the improper disposal of e-waste, such as computer parts and other electronics items.

I did some checking and am glad to see that the Town of Oyster Bay, in which I live, has an e-waste disposal program.

The first date in 2008 scheduled by the town for collecting e-waste items such as computer monitors and hard drives, keyboards, cables, mice, pagers, copiers, fax machines, and printers is Saturday, April 12 at John J. Burns Park in Massapequa. Additional information from the Town of Oyster Bay's Department of Environmental Waste can be found here.

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John Evo said...

I posted about this on the Los Angeles County Bulletin Board and already thousands of people are turning in tons of old computer crap to be shipped to Oyster Bay. Thanks for the tip, Tommy.