Thursday, June 05, 2008

Malika El Aroud - The Belgian Embassy Replies

Last week I did a post on Malika El Aroud titled "The Veiled Face of Evil". Regular readers may recall one passage I quoted from The New York Times article on her mentioned that El Aroud was collecting some $1,100 per month in unemployment benefits. As I wrote in my post, I e-mailed the Belgian Embassy asking how and why this princess of Jihad was permitted to live at the expense of Belgian taxpayers.

To my surprise, I received a reply from the person I e-mailed at the Belgian Embassy. His reply is as follows:

Thank you for your e-mail of 28 May regarding the article in the New York Times about Malika El Aroud.

We understand that this article may contain disturbing elements. However, like the United States Constitution’s First Amendment, the Belgian Constitution provides wide ranging freedom of speech rights. While the Government may monitor these activities, only the Courts can decide whether citizens operate outside the borders of the law.

As for the social benefits you referred to: the Belgian Government does provide to its citizens a number of social benefits (such as unemployment benefits, health insurance, etc), depending on specific criteria, laid down in the laws concerned. All citizens who meet the criteria are entitled to these allowances. The Government does not have discretionary powers to take away these rights.

It was pretty much what I expected. Sounds like someone is going to have to find a way to get her to act outside of the law so that she can get her benefits terminated. Or, barring that, talk her into abandoning her misguided radicalism.


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I'd like to see you if your lands and people were tortured and killed by Americans and jews. And i'm not Muslims. Idiot

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