Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Beer in Baghdad

From The Independent,

Alcohol is openly for sale once more in Baghdad. All over the Iraqi capital, drink stores, which closed their doors in early 2006 when sectarian strife was raging, have slowly begun to reopen. Two years ago, al-Qa'ida militants were burning down liquor stores and shooting their owners. Now around Saadoun Street, in the centre of the city, at least 50 stores are advertising that they have alcohol for sale.

I have to admit I was at best guardedly optimistic about "the Surge". But this is just the latest indicator that things are beginning to improve in Iraq. Once Iraq's women are safe to walk the streets in shorts and low cut tops, Iraq will be ready to rejoin the ranks of the civilized nations of the world!


tina FCD said...

I'll take a beer. :)
Seriously, that is good news.

bullet said...

IMO, it is one of the BEST indicators to describe the improving conditions. The zeaolts have to be losing control if these stores haven't been blown up.

I read a really interesting article about a liquor store owner in Baghdad a while back, I'll see if I can find it.

Tommykey said...

The zeaolts have to be losing control if these stores haven't been blown up.

I'll drink to that Bullet!

Anonymous said...

strange that the measure of safety and civilization is the free flow of alcohol and the length of women's garments (welcome to the modern world)!

Tommykey said...

Hi Mike. Of course, my comments were half in jest. But when we're talking about the heart of the Arab world, whether or not a person can operate a liquor store or a woman safely walk the street wearing clothes that Muslim fundies deem insufficiently modest are baromoters of the strength of the forces of secularism in a Muslim country.