Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday Funnies - Extreme Puke Edition

I haven't had a Friday Funnies post since I can't remember when, so I figured it's about time for a new one. The theme, as the title of the post indicates, is puking.

First up, from Family Guy, the males in the family embark on an ill-advised contest that involves drinking something called Epicac to induce vomiting, with the one who holds out the longest getting to have the last piece of a delicious pie in the refrigerator. Too late do they realize that the prize is not worth the suffering involved.

And considering that the prize in the previous video is a piece of pie, we have here a segue into a great clip from the movie Stand By Me, wherein "Lardass" Hogan plots his revenge against all of his tormentors at a pie eating contest. Enjoy!


tina FCD said...

I missed the Friday Funnies!

Puke Edition, hilarious.

Stardust said...

When our kids were little, our middle son would automatically puke when he saw his brother or sister puke...and when he puked himself, he would keep on and on and on till there was nothing left inside him. This happened in school once. He asked to go to the bathroom because he felt queasy. The teacher said no, thinking he just wanted to get out of class. Well, he upchucked all over his desk and there was no stopping him...all the way through the classroom, all the way down the hall, all the way into the boys bathroom and everywhere on himself, walls, everything. They phoned me as if a state emergency had happened saying "Please, come get him NOW" I warned them that when he said he had to go to the bathroom to let him go. After that they took his bathroom requests seriously.

Tommykey said...

Thanks Tina. I will try to make it a regular feature again.

Star, I wonder if he would later on tell the teacher he felt queasy just to see the reaction on his/her face.