Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sanitizing A Tale of Genocide for Children

As you all know, we're in the middle of another holiday shopping season.

Last week, when I was shopping for gifts for my children in a local toy store, I saw on one of the shelves a Noah's Ark toy set. I had seen them before, not only for sale in toy stores and toy catalogs, but in businesses that would have toys set aside to offer a diversion for children while their parents were trying on clothes or something.

Since young children tend to be interested in animals, I suppose it is only natural that a toy boat filled with little animals would be popular with them. But I have to admit that I feel a measure of, shall we say, discomfort at the thought of marketing Noah's Ark toys to children. As I expressed in the title for this post, what is happening here is that a story about an angry god committing mass murder is turned into a harmless children's toy featuring a boat, cute animals, and a kindly looking old man. That just strikes me as fundamentally dishonest.


tina FCD said...

Yep, and I totally agree!

LanceThruster said...

Great point. I've always thought a truthful representation would include all the dead bodies (women, children, families, babies, etc.) and drowned animals (pupies, kittens, cute baby animals of all types), dramatic scenes depicting the desperation and terror of drowning on the whims of a cosmic despot (mass murder of "sinful" humans created to HIS cosmic specifications and animals that through no fault of their own get caught up in this fucked up shit), and the fact that it was all for naught.

God supposedly saved the ones who didn't/wouldn't fuck up and what did they ultimately do after being given incontrovertable proof that God was a sociopathic pissy asshole that could justify every shitty murderous thing its insane mind could conjure up if you pissed him off?

They *fucked up* and things went back to being the same old shit!

How'd your master plan work out for you there, big guy? Maybe you should have given the whole "end game" a little more thought. You'd think someone like you would have seen some of this coming.

Xians like to say God has the right to destroy what he has created but only the sickest mind could drown a puppy or kitten (let alone human children) and then calmy explain that they had a perfectly good reason (they usually jail, execute, or institutionalize people like that).

Great internet quote I remember reading, "If there was a God, I should hate him" - a variation on Twain's "If there is a God, then he is a malign thug."

My shorter version of xi-inanity is, "God sent God to die for God so that God could forgive God's creations according to God's unbending rules." Too Rube Goldberg for me.

Tommykey said...

Hey Lance,

Thanks for your comments. Gotta love that name, by the way!

LanceThruster said...

You're welcome, Tommy. The name originated a long time ago with the online game "Megawars" (everyone else was picking Star Trek or Stars Wars names). I thought mine was original while still sounding like Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon (I also like the "Dirk Diggler" double entendre).

On xian BBSs I'd be asked if I was gay (no), a porn star (I wish)...on supposedly feminist blogs I was "crucified" for supposedly creating my disgusting name just to come in there (after which they fully let loose with all sorts of ugly misandry), and former intel guy, W. Patrick Lang ( wrote to ask if I was his friend "Longinus" gone undercover (what shenanigans must he have been into if he needed to go deep?). Longinus was the Roman soldier who speared Christ on the cross in the side to shorten his torment.

I like the fact that it is pretty much unique (only found a couple of imitators online) and has allowed me to have some online continuity. I stand by everything I've written as an honest representation of my feelings at the time and do not post anonymously. For that I've taken some shit from Zionist thugs and sayan who don't like the Israeli "official narrative" being challenged. I get banned from most places for making too much sense along these lines as far as I'm concerned.

Best regards!

Raytheist said...

thanks for posting this. I'm now wondering what other "toys" are being marketed by Christians to impress young vulnerable minds.