Friday, September 10, 2010

Warning: The Practice of Islam Is Hazardous To Your Health

While perusing the English language daily The Jakarta Post, I came across this article about the large numbers of vehicular accidents in Indonesia during the Idul Fitri holiday.

National Police deputy chief for operations Insp. Gen. Soenarko said Thursday there had been 743 traffic accidents from Sept. 3 to Sept. 8 nationwide, killing 144 people and wounding 579 others. Most of the victims were holidaymakers riding motorcycles, Soenarko added.

During the Idul Fitri exodus last year there were 1,646 traffic accidents across the country, claiming 702 lives and injuring 2,556 others.

But that is not the only Muslim holiday that has proven consistently fatal to adherents of the Islamic faith. Another is the pilgrimage to Mecca, one of the five pillars of the faith, which all able-bodied Muslims are expected to undertake at least once in their lives. Recent years have witnessed a number of mass casualty events at Islam's holiest site.

In 2004: The stampede, during a peak event of the annual Muslim pilgrimage, or hajj, lasted about a half-hour, Saudi officials said. There were 244 dead and hundreds of other worshippers injured, some critically, Hajj Minister Iyad Madani said.

In 2006: Thousands of Muslim pilgrims rushing to complete a symbolic stoning ritual during the hajj tripped over luggage Thursday, causing a crush in which up to 400 people were killed despite Saudi attempts to prevent stampedes that have plagued the annual event.

Saudi officials estimated that 400 people were killed. More than 1,000 people were injured, said Dr. Abbasi with the Saudi Red Crescent.

[That] year's hajj was also marred by the collapse of a Mecca hotel on January 5, where 76 pilgrims were killed. The reason for the hotel collapse remains unknown. The latest disaster is expected to prompt the Saudis to enforce stricter controls, in order to do a better job of ensuring the safety of the millions of the faithful who arrive for the Hajj each year.

Call me skeptical, but I have a hard time believing that a particular religion is true when the mere practice of that religion proves to be so deadly to its followers.


Gwen said...


Really? You're asking about 'true' when it comes to a religion?

Anonymous said...

rushing to complete a symbolic stoning ritual

Who the hell would want to participate in something so ghastly?

Anonymous said...

And suddenly felt so sorry for you and the ignorance that holds you.

I am Muslim (Proud of it). And was curious to know if you have any idea of what Islam is?. I am very surprised to find about people like you who are still in the darkness and without doing anything themselves, they follow others believes and thoughts!

I guarantee that you have never learned by yourself what the real "Islam" is. If you learn it, one day, you will laugh on yourself.

Here is a survey done by your own people (non -Muslims).

With the anti-Muslim organizations working day and night to destroy the religion "Islam". Islam has been the Fastest Growing Religion in all the world ever since it was declared.

Now, here is a common sense question.
Why is it so? Perhaps there is something good in this religion that it is spreading. Annually, hundreds of thousands of people covert to this religion and have you ever watched so many Muslims changing there religion? a BIG NO!

It is always non-Muslims who change there religion because they search for the reality, something which you not able to do.

Here is the deal, Lets start a discussion with logical debate. At the end, if i lose, I will leave my religion and if you lose, then it is on you what you want done, i will not force you.

If you are unable to reply to this message, please go get a live if you can not face the truth and the only presence of you on this planet is to promote confusion.


Tommykey said...

Sorry for the delay in replying. Your message was

Islam has been the Fastest Growing Religion in all the world ever since it was declared.

And Mormonism has grown and spread despite persecution and condemnation. Does that mean Mormonism is also true?

How many people would turn away from Islam in Muslim majority countries if they knew they would not be threatened with death for apostasy?