Friday, September 07, 2007

UPDATED Friday Funnies - Dave Chappelle's Clayton Bigsby Skit

I haven't had time to do any new posts this week, but over the weekend I have a few that I will put up. Plus, with the sixth anniversary of 9/11 next week, I will have several posts dedicated to the event, including my own personal recollections from being in New York city on that terrible day.

But for now, here is a very funny sketch from Dave Chappelle about a blind African-American man who became a white power activist.

And if you think the idea of a black white supremacist seems far-fetched, then who could even imagine neo-Nazis in Israel?


tina FCD said...

Hilarious, I like the guys head exploding! :)

Tommykey said...

My favorite part is when Clayton's friend Jasper tells the Frontline correspondent, "I can't tell him he's black, he's too important to the movement. Besides, he would probably kill himself so that there would be one less n.... in the world. His commitment runs that deep."