Friday, September 28, 2007

Latin Music Sampler

For a change of pace here at Exercise in Futility, I thought I would share a collection of some of my Latin music favorites. Enjoy.

Video numero uno is "Toda la noche" by Lucero.

Next up is Thalia's "Por Amor". Like Lucero above, Thalia is famous in Mexico not only as a singer, but as an actress in Mexican soap operas.

Here is another Thalia song, "Ponle remedio".

Last but not least is Shakira's "Suerte".

If this song sounds familiar to you, it is because it is the Spanish language version of her first English language hit, "Whenever, Wherever".


Spanish Inquisitor said...

You've been tagged, SeƱor.

Tommykey said...

Thanks a lot SI!

Seriously though, it couldn't have come at a better time. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of this blog, and I was planning to do a post about it, so I can incorporate the theme of the tag into the post.

Spanish Inquisitor said...

And they say God doesn't exist...