Sunday, December 23, 2007

Birds of Long Island - The Northern Cardinal

Female Cardinal

Male Cardinal

Another local favorite bird of mine is the Northern Cardinal. The male Cardinal has a distinctive red plumage that sets him apart from all of the other birds in my neighborhood which makes him quite a "pretty boy"..

From my personal observations, I note that Cardinal couples appear to be very monogamous and close-knit. There is a Cardinal couple that frequents my backyard, and whenever I see one of them, the other one is sure to be seen nearby.


Andrea said...

Ahh, we love cardinals! They're just so adorable.

A very merry Christmas to you and your family, Tommy!

Tommykey said...

Same to you Andrea! :-)

tina FCD said... of my favorites here in Michigan. When the babies are out of the nest, I see moms feeding them seed and bread crumbs I set out for them. I have watched them play in my yard sprinkler also, it's funny to see them enjoy it so much.

vjack said...

One of my local favorites too. Good pictures!