Thursday, April 17, 2008

Friday Funnies - Mr. Pink

Here are two great scenes from Reservoir Dogs, both of which center on Steve Buscemi's character Mr. Pink. There are two things that Mr. Pink does not like, (1) tipping waitresses, and (2) being called Mr. Pink.

What also cracks me up is Harvey Keitel's bank robbing character arguing passionately in support of tipping waitresses. Enjoy!


tina FCD said...

This has got to be one of the best movies ever! I own this and watch it over and over, just to watch Mr. Blond carve up the cops face. Pretty gruesome, but he is just so freaky playing that part. I love the soundtrack.

funny, the word verification is...pppqq. Glad I'm not dyslexic!

Rhology said...


You said you wanted a discussion rather than a debate over at AthExp.

Look man, that blog is not about "discussion". They are hateful, vitriolic, and mean-spirited. Debate is the name of the game and I don't see a problem with that. My guess is that they don't either - that's why they talk the way they talk. If they do have a problem with it, they need to tone down their rhetoric to attract different kinds of comments. I'm pretty much all debate all the time in that kind of environment.

But I'm not always in that kind of environment. :-D So yeah, I'm happy to discuss things in a less-than-adversarial fashion. Did you have sthg specific in mind?


Tommykey said...

You will have to forgive me Rho, I didn't realize being called a 'milquetoast' was a compliment. I'm not all teary eyed about it or anything, but to me it was analogous to going up to someone in a bar you had differences with, offering to buy him a beer while sitting down and talking things over, and the other guy responds by mocking you. But I am a grown man. I can take it. I've learned to shrug these things off.

Different people have different styles. You like to debate, while my style is more conversational. I am sure you will also admit that your blogging personality can be a little off-putting to some people. Perhaps you are different in person.

And I certainly did not mean to imply that I don't like my opinions being criticized. I am all for constructive criticism. I put my opinion out there, and you say "This is where I disagree with you and why." To me, it's not about racking up debate points.

Anyway, if I can find the time to put up a post this weekend which I have been contemplating for some time, and which I intend to title "The Elusive Quest for Objective Morality", you are free to comment on it.